Along with the fast development of RF technology, more and more people know the importance and convenience for  the wireless technology and the knowledge is widely adopt by more and more people, so wireless products is becoming more popular in people's life. The strong demand of wireless products causes more actual requirements from end users. Those requirements cover different aspects such as lower power, longer range, simpler usage, lower cost, smaller size, higher reliability and shorter R&D lifecycle, etc.

SHENZHEN KYL COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD was established in Shenzhen - the forefront of technology and electronic production market inChina. We are specialized on design and developing ODM module series for wireless data communication based on the series of TI 's CHIPCON RF IC. The CHIPCON series has high integrity, high quality RF index and commonly used for mass production. These will ensure the stability and consistency of the products.




Excellent industry reputation

Founded in 2007, it is a well-known supplier of wireless data transmission equipment in Shenzhen China. Its products sell well in the domestic market and are exported to developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

Professional R&D team

The company's R&D staff are hardware engineers with decades of experience in the radio frequency industry and software engineers with expertise in embedded systems.

Product design precisely

Each piece of PCB is precisely designed and organized by R&D personnel. Each code is internally stickly reviewed to ensure that the product is stable and reliable.

After-sales service

Customer-oriented, firmly grasp the needs of customers, always win the trust of customers with quality and service to ensure cooperation and mutual win.