● Frequency: 433MHz.Also can customiz other frequency bands. Such as 300-350 MHz, 390-460 MHz and 780-925        MHz

    ● Interfaces: RS-232, TTL or RS-485.

    ● Data format:8N1/8E1/8O1(Other formats can also be provided, such as 9-bit data bits to meet the                requirements of multi-machine communication)

    ● Baud rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 100kbps, 250kbps;

    ● 16 channels, if needed, 32/64 channels are available to satisfy various configuration of communication          at the same time;

    ● Transparent data transmission,transparent data interface used in transceivers is for meeting many              standard or nonstandard user protocols. Any false data generated in air can be filtrated automatically          (What has been received is exactly what has been transmitted);

    ● Transceiver integration, half-duplex operation mode.

    ● Single-chip radio frequency integrated circuit and single-chip MCU have few peripheral circuits, low            power consumption and high reliability.

    ● Low cost, low power consumption

    ● Operating temperature: -35°C to +75°C (industrial grade)

    ● Antenna impedance: 50Ω (standard SMA, customizable)

  ● AMR Automatic Meter Reading;

    ● Industrial remote control, telemetry

    ● Stage lighting control

    ● Building automation, security, wireless monitoring and control of room equipment,Access Control System;

    ● Wireless call system, wireless queuing machine, medical equipment

    ● Wireless POS, PDA

    ● Wireless data transmission, automated data acquisition system

    ● Wireless LED display, Responder, etc., Intelligent Transportation

Technical specification 
                                                         KYL-210 Parameters
 Pin Definitions

                                                             KYL-210 Interface schematic

PINInterfere nameFuncation   descriptionI/OLevelRemark
1GNDPower   Ground--
2VCCSupply(DC)-3.1-5.5VOther voltage   need to be customized
3RS232   TXDTXO(Output)RS232Only one of    three interface signals can be selected
RS485 ARS485   AIO-
4RS232   RXDRXI(Input)RS232Only one of    three interface signals can be selected
RS485 BRS485   BIO-
5DGNDSignal   Ground--

Table: Channel and RF Frequency

CH NO.FrequencyCH NO.FrequencyCH NO.FrequencyCH NO.Frequency


The Function-indicator light

1、The LED indicator light will glitter green continually while receiving data from air.

2、 The LED indicator light will glitter red continuously when transmitting data into air after receiving from COM.

How to use KYL series micro power wireless data module

Power supply:
       +3.1~5.5V DC,Please note that module transmiting may affect switching power supply stability. Therefore, try to avoid using the switching power supply, or try to assure the distance between the module antenna and the power supply. For the best communication effect, please use a power supply with a smaller ripple factor. The maximum output current of the power supply should be more than 1.5 times the maximum operating current of the module.

Connection diagram for wireless module and computer ::


Packaging accessories

1、Standard accessories

    1、1pc KYL-210 module。

    2、6pin flat cable。 

    3、1pc antenna(about 10cm)

    Pic.:Standard accessories 


2、Selectable accessories

    1、RS-232 interface programming cable。(for users to set parameters through RS232 interface of the                computer)

    2、USB interface programming cable。(for users to set parameters through USB interface of the                    computer)
 3、Selectable antenna。(Users can choose antenna if need)

    Pic.:Selectable accessories






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